Gainesville Muslim claims discrimination at Bass Pro Shops

An 18 year old from Gainesville claims he was turned away when he tried to buy a gun at Bass Pro Shops on Friday. The young man thinks it was discrimination. Malik Bakr is of legal age to buy a firearm. He wanted to go on a hunting trip with some friends. He went to the new Bass Pro Shops in Gainesville, and brought his friend Heath Smiley, an experienced hunter and gun owner.


“It was his first time owning one. First time ever shooting one, I went with him as guidance to tell him what he should buy for his first time, what would be most comfortable for him,” said Smiley. Bakr said, “There was an older gentleman there and he was kind of looking at me and I thought it was kind of strange, I told him something was kind of shady because he was staring at me and staring at the  dude that was working with me.”

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