Galusha: Basic jig retrieves for bass fishing

Jigs are one of the best lures to combine with some sort of trailer in order to catch big bass. Unfortunately, many anglers stand back from pursuing this “tried and true” bass producer, because they feel it is difficult to master. If three basic retrieves are learned, then an angler can find himself using the jig more often. The three that I use are the swim, crawl and what I call the “swimming crawl.”

In order to explain each of these retrieves, I will use a typical cover situation, which has been found many times. We will be fishing an area near a drop off, in 4 to 9 feet of water, which has sunken trees and brush. The lure used is a ¼-ounce, black/blue-skirted jig, with a black/blue or red flake plastic twin tail grub or craw style trailer.

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