Greenbrier High takes lots of kids bass fishing

Greenbrier High School in Evans has been supporting that age-old proposal since 2012 when longtime friends Dwain “D.J.” Hadden and Shawn Hackett organized the school’s first bass fishing team. In this case, 24 kids are being taken fishing. Birth of the idea was sparked by another friend, Jon Hair, co-owner of Greenfish Tackle in Evans.

“Jon and I were talking and he pointed out that both Shawn and I were parents of sons who were students at the school,” Hadden recalled. “I just knew my son Tanner liked to compete and he had been fishing with me before the team was organized. I knew we would have support from my family because my dad and father-in-law loved to fish and my wife, Dana, was familiar with bass tournament fishing since I was a member of the Augusta Bass Club and did a lot of that.”

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