Helpful hints for fall fishing

I have always been on the lookout for new ideas or tips to enhance my fall fishing. I have never been interested in counting how many fish I catch or how big or small they are but having a fish on the end of my tippet has never lost its thrill. I use the Internet frequently when looking for answers to problems or when I need to learn something new that I hadn’t known before. I find some websites about fly fishing very interesting and I can use them to glean some information about fall fishing that I didn’t know before.

I scoured three different sites looking for something new that might help me fishing this fall and I found that all three sites were giving the same basic information or tips on fly fishing in the fall. All three of the sites recommend that you should “mind the sun” or “mind your shadow.” I hadn’t thought about where my shadow was on the water or where the position of the sun was during fishing. It only makes sense to not cast a shadow on the water to spook the fish.

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