This Hilton Head fishing boat got an amazing close encounter with a great white shark

Christmas came early for a group of five Wisconsin natives on a chartered fishing expedition Friday, in the form of a visit from one of the ocean’s most feared and majestic predators. Chip Michalove, owner and operator of Outcast Fishing on Hilton Head Island, had planned an afternoon of catching and releasing smaller fish, like sea bass, redfish, or maybe a small shark when an enormous great white shark appeared.

Usually it takes a day or two of active searching for Michalove to find a great white, and even when he does, it is usually further out, he said. He has caught and released several great whites off the Lowcountry coast, but they usually make him work for it. “To only be out there for a couple hours and have one circle the boat was pretty rare,” he said. “The shark came in. It would circle the boat a few times, and then it would leave. Then it would come back. Every time we thought she was gone for good she showed right back up.”

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