After holiday chaos, fishing soothes soul

It seems like the hectic holidays started somewhere way back yonder – a few days before Thanksgiving. Yes, things are finally back to a more usual low roar, but I realized the other day that I’m in need of some solitary time on the water to help me shake off the holiday intensity. The whole thing got me thinking about what I think drives me crazy and what repairs my psyche.

My first insight was that I’m just about as happy as a clam being by myself at times – not all the time, but sometimes. Like right after I’ve had just about as many holiday parties as I can stand. I honestly breathe out a sigh of relief that it’s all over until next year, and I can take down the lights, put away the tree and just fantasize about my upcoming fishing trips. I was feeling stretched mentally and I knew I needed to go fishing to recharge the battery. But why?

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