How to Catch More Bass Fishing Simple Worms

In the current day and age of bass fishing, it is easy to get overwhelmed with different baits, rods, reels, electronics, boats and every other variable can spin you out before you ever even get on the water. In the world of complex, it can regularly pay-off to simplify your fishing approach with a simple worm.


Straight-tail worms like the Zoom Trick Worm have stood the test of time while helping anglers keep things simple and catch more bass. Toyota pro Gerald Swindle will be the first to tell you how simple, yet versatile fishing a straight-tail worm can be.  “It is the most versatile bait in the boat,” Swindle said. “You can rig it about a 500 ways, and fish it in any depth, or any body of water. A Trick Worm just flat out catches fish everywhere I have fished.”

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