How to identify striped, yellow, white and hybrid bass

Louisiana has three species of bass that bear bold, black stripes running the lengths of their bodies: yellow bass, white bass and striped bass. Those three — along with their Atlantic Coast cousin, the white perch (not what we call white perch in Louisiana) — make up the family Moronidae, commonly called temperate basses, an entirely different family than the black basses.

hybrid bass

All three gamefish voraciously attack artificial lures and live baits, especially in the cooler months of the year. All three are extremely hard fighters, and pound for pound will outfight a largemouth bass. They just don’t jump as much as their more-glamorous cousin. Yellow and white bass are more common in Louisiana than striped bass. When fishermen aren’t busy lumping them all indiscriminately under the name “striper,” these two species are commonly called “barfish.”

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