How to unlock the fishing rod and fish in Atlas

Fish are just one of many food sources that players will need to become accustomed to finding as they explore the world in Atlas. Not only are they a great source of restoration for your Hunger status, but players will also need to eat fish in order to restore their Vitamin D, which is essentially to surviving long-term in Atlas. Thankfully, there are a couple of different ways you can fish, one of which will require you to unlock the fishing rod.

There are two primary ways that players can fish while playing Atlas. First, the easiest method, is going to require you to craft a spear and then simply jump into the water and start hunting for fish. Lower level fish shouldn’t be much of an issue, as one or two hits of the spear should kill them. Then you can grab the fish’s body by pressing E, and carry it to shore, where you can use your Pickaxe or Axe (depending on which resources you need more of) to harvest it.

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