IHSA bass fishing: Opening day, opening notes

Joliet Central qualified both of its boats this year. Boat 2 went off at No. 22; Boat 1 was No. 64. One change this year is in the format. There are three flights. Flight 1 (boats 1-22) must be in at 3 p.m.; Flight 2 (boats 23-44) must be in 3:15 p.m.; Flight 3 (boats 45-66) must be in at 3:30 p.m.

bass-fishing (2)

On Saturday, Flight 3 will take off first, followed by Flight 2, then finish with Flight 1. And the return time will likewise be reversed. Arthur held the No. 1 spot for takeoff at 7 a.m., followed by Bartlett, first of the Chicago area teams. Once again, Chicago-area teams make up 40 percent of the 66-boat field. A light rain was falling at takeoff, but that soon stopped. This looks like the first year where there will be no weather stoppages or postponements.

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