It’s time to hit Lake Lowell for bass fishing

The water is high, which means lots of fish are hanging out in the flooded trees and other hard-to-reach places. Both boaters and shore/float tube anglers can get into the hot spots, but it might take a little extra effort. If you’re fishing heavy cover, think about using weedless setups and heavier tackle so you can limit hang-ups and muscle big fish out of the trees.

bass-fishing (2)

Other good spots to look for are places where new aquatic vegetation is growing or, if none is showing yet, the remnants of last year’s weed line. Soft plastic baits like worms, crayfish, flukes, lizards and other “creature baits” are a good bet. Jigs, spinnerbaits, crankbaits and jerk baits will work, too, and you might even get a top-water strike on a popper, frog or buzz bait, especially early or late in the day. Catfish and panfish also are possible catches at Lowell and, if you’re a bow fisherman, the carp are moving into the shallows to spawn.

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