Jensen’s Fishing the Midwest: Get out to catch more fish

At the beginning of every fishing season, a good number of anglers promise themselves that they’re going to learn a new tactic this season. There are always new things that we can try, and there are also some established tactics that we just haven’t gotten around to trying yet. If you haven’t tried using planer boards yet, make this the year that you do so. Planer boards offer many advantages and much of the time will help us put more fish in the boat, spring, summer, and fall. Following are some reasons why you should give planer boards more water-time this year.

A planer board gets your bait out away from the boat. When it comes to walleyes, in the spring the fish will be shallow and they can be spread out. It works well to cover water, and trolling is the best way to cover water, but if we troll in the shallows, we’re going to spook the fish. Planer boards enable us to fish shallow without spooking the fish. Off Shore Tackle is the leader in planer board technology. They’ve done the most research, which has enabled them to create the boards that work the best.

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