Jig Trailers

Let me start off by saying there are roughly a half-million different things you can put on the back of a jig. These are the soft plastics that I prefer, but the options seem limitless. Most soft plastic companies have a version of everything now so I’ll reference the original in each category, though I may actually use a different brand due to personal preference. In my opinion, there are three main categories when selecting a jig trailer: Paca Craw-style bait, Skinny Dipper-style swimbait or Beaver-style bait. The following outlines when I use each to trail a swim jig, football jig, flipping jig and vibrating jig.


Paca Craw-style bait

The original in this category is the NetBait Paca Craw. A true innovation upon its conception, NetBait has since introduced several versions of their revolutionary design. Different sizes ranging from 3-inches to 5-inches make the Paca Craw a great choice when searching for a trailer to pair with any size or style jig.

Although NetBait created the category, there are several other great craw-style baits out there now. Each variation has its own little twist that makes it a viable candidate when really fine-tuning a jig. One in particular that belongs to a subcategory under the craw umbrella is the Zoom Speed Craw. The Paca Craw and others like it have a subtler, floating action. The Speed Craw has a much faster, tighter action. Again, there are several brands that have tweaked the Speed Craw style bait so the options keep compounding.

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