Jigs for Bass Fishing in Florida

Even in Florida’s mostly shallow fisheries, a lead head jig offers undeniable benefits: fast fall, bottom contact and aggressive access—getting a bait into areas you would otherwise have difficulty reaching.

Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of this technique, with 1⁄2- to 3⁄4-ounce weights common for vegetation and hard targets, such as docks and laydowns. Dispelling a little confusion, we often say “flipping a jig,” but it’s usually the pitching presentation. Flipping uses a set amount of line (reel engaged), with your free hand drawing the slack to one side and releasing it on the forward motion for a measured underhand cast. Pitching finds anglers thumbing a disengaged reel, moderately loading the rodtip with a firm down stroke and releasing the spool as they make a sharp forward swing.

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