JMA launches new bass fishing program

Last Saturday 12 young fishermen and six boat captains took to Lake Sinclair with a little more in mind than just a morning out on the tranquil lake catching fish. Boats and a new competitive team for John Milledge Academy were launched into the lake from Bass Boat House at 7:30 a.m. to kick off the 2018 JMA Spring Bass Classic. High school competitive fishing has been on the rise in recent years, so the Georgia Independent Schools Association (GISA), of which John Milledge is a member, reached out to its schools to see if any had interest in being a part of Georgia Bass Nation High School Fishing.

The school held an interest meeting recently where a group of parents that included Brian Robinson, Jody Bellflower and Lee McLemore, responded positively and thus the JMA Trojan bass fishing team was born. John Milledge Athletic Director J.T. Wall said creating a school fishing team was an easy decision after seeing how many parents expressed an interest in the activity and also due to another very important factor.

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