Joe’s Fishing Hole: Different ways to fish on the ice

Acouple of weeks ago we discussed the gear needed for ice fishing, but didn’t discuss techniques. Ice fishing has been good at for trout at Comins Lake in Ely and for perch and trout at Wildhorse Reservoir in northern Elko County. There are a number of techniques for ice fishing for trout and they are pretty straightforward. The easiest is the same as bait fishing for trout, with hook, some bait (worm or cheese type bait) and a bobber.

When fishing for trout through the ice, they will often be in water between six and 12 feet deep and generally somewhere in the middle of the water column. Set the bobber so that the bait is suspended about four feet under the ice and wait for a bite. If there are no takers after about a half hour, drop the bait down about a foot and try again. Continue this until you find the depth they are at.

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