Joe’s Fishing Hole: Water temps are on the rise

Water temperatures at area lakes are climbing and with the afternoon surface water temperatures at both South Fork and Wildhorse well into the 70s, anglers need to change their tactics. Often the key to catching fish is not just the time of day (early in the morning when it is not as hot) but also depth and the type of presentation. Now is the time to fish the thermocline that we talked about last week.

When fighting the fish in a reservoir they end up in the warmer, less oxygenated surface waters. The stress from the exertion of fighting the line, combined with the stress due to lack of oxygen and the heat, doesn’t allow them to recover and many of those fish die even if released. So please limit your catch and release fishing to the cooler parts of the day (early morning) and land the fish quickly if you are going to release it.

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