Kitsap coaches share favorite fishing memories

Scott Orness, North Kitsap boys basketball coach: My love for fishing and hunting came from my mom’s side of the family. My dad didn’t fish. I have to thank my grandfather, John Jensen, for teaching me not just how to tie knots, but also the importance of conservation: only catching/killing if you are going to respect the fish/animal and use every part.



In my 30s, I got the chance to pay it back to my Pops. Before owning my own boat, he joined me multiple times up to Sekiu where we rented one of Curly’s 16-foot fiberglass boats with a 15-HP motor on it to fish the straits for salmon, and we slept on the ground in my nylon tent. Pops was in his 80s at this time. We’d spend the day slaying coho with a banana weight and herring. In the evenings, he’d teach me about red wines, especially his favorite, Pinot Noir.

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