Largemouth bass are still biting on the surface

There is no more exciting moment in freshwater fishing than having a largemouth bass come busting thorough the surface to attack a topwater lure. That kind of strike often is described as heart-stopping, and with good reason. The sight and sound of the accompanying explosion of water usually takes anglers totally by surprise, even though it is what they are expecting. Quite often our reflexes are frozen for a split second, as though our hearts have skipped a beat.

Largemouth Bass

June is traditionally the best month of the year for catching largemouths on the surface across the region. Despite the recent near record temperatures in our area, there is still time to get in on this topwater bite before the summer heat shuts it down. So, if your heart can stand it, getting out on the water early or late in the day can put some real excitement in your fishing right now.

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