Late Summer Bass Tactics with Chris Lane

The searing heat of summertime may dissuade some bass anglers from hitting the water but not Power-Pole ambassador Chris Lane. Lane plies his waters of the Tennessee River throughout the lazy, hazy days of summer and imparts a three-prong strategy focusing on times of day to successfully target largemouth bass.

“Morning hours are prime time,” says Lane. “Not only is it cooler out for the angler, but bass feel that comfortable cooling period and feed with more aggression.” Lane sets up on grass flats in 1 to 2 foot of water during sunup hours, pushing the Power Pole down in the shallows and working the surface with topwater poppers. “I use the River 2 Sea Whopper Popper and Lane Changer, casting over the grass flats and chugging the lure across the surface at a slow to moderate pace. Big fish feed during the morning hours in summer so I expect to get the largest of the bass during that time.”

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