Let’s talk saltwater fishing for a change

Just to be different, let’s talk about saltwater fishing. It is not something that is generally discussed in southeast Nebraska, especially since the closest salt water is about 900 miles away, but saltwater fishing is a blast. If you have an opportunity to do it sometime, do it! You never quite know what you may hook up with, or whether you’ll pull it into the boat or it will pull you out.

I grew up fishing saltwater environments. My dad, the Ol’ Marine, loved to head offshore…way off shore. We’d be out at least 12 to 15 hours, all beyond the sight of land. Nothing but sky, horizon and ocean for 360 degrees. Actually, I was 14 years old before I ever fished freshwater. I went on a smallmouth fishing trip into the central Texas hill country. I liked it….there was scenery to look at!

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