Local teens win Berryessa Bass Tournament

Young Napans Bring Home The Trophy … Yep, join me to congratulate Jack Shelden and Luke Lipanovich for winning the Berryessa Bass Tournament at Markley Cove on Sunday. They beat 38 other boats in the one-day event. Here’s Jack and Luke with their winning bag that weighed 17.07 pounds, a great weight for winter. Luke caught their big fish, which weighed 6.96 pounds. Electronics played a key role in this victory; Luke said they were able to pick up the aggressive fish on the screen and put a lure right on his nose. Drop-shotted plastics and Luck Craft’s LV500 did the trick.


Once again, we see how sportsmanlike anglers are. Jack and Luke had some cranking battery issues, and Pro Billy Hines and fishing partner Greg Bunting took 15 minutes out of their own tournament fishing time to help out. Thanks a lot, Billy and Greg. I’m sure you will get paid back some day in the future. Shiny gold and silver spinner-type lures or drifted minnows can add a few trout to your bag here, along with the continuing good bass bite.

To read the entire article, please click on this link http://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/2016/01/13/midstate-fishing-report-bass/78743018/

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