Magical outings lead to landing goal bass, more

Toward the middle of the summer, I received a call from a longtime friend, Dean Korbelik. He expressed his interest in bass fishing and wanted to go out on the lake with me for an evening of fishing. It was a great time and was nice to get caught up. We were out to learn new techniques and to expand his knowledge of bass fishing. But his primary goal was to catch the bigger fish. Up to this point, his personal best was just over 5 pounds, which is a respectable sized fish in the world of bass fishing. I knew we could reach that mark and exceed it; it was just a matter of time.

The heat of summer can be a grueling time of year to catch these better-than-average fish, but we remained positive and kept hitting the water in search of something great. There are many traits needed to hook and land the trophy fish that roam the waters of New Melones Reservoir, with patience and persistence being at the top of the list. Luckily, Dean implements both traits, making him destined for success.

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