Mike Frisch: Plan those 2018 bass outings

I live in central Minnesota, so this isn’t a destination for me, but I mention it because central Minnesota flat out “has ’em” when it comes to largemouth bass! I’m a half an hour drive from the famed Le Homme Dieu chain in Alexandria, famous for its outstanding bass numbers. Not only does the chain, as locals call it, have great bass numbers, but there are tons of other good bass waters in the area too. Lakes Ida, Minnewaska and a whole lot of smaller waters have excellent largemouth populations. In addition to largemouth, several of these lakes have expanding smallmouth bass populations, as well.

Largemouth fishing generally starts as soon as the season opens and can be good all summer and into fall. If smallmouth are the target, late summer and fall seem to be peak times for these fish. The jig-worm, a 4-7″ plastic worm fished on a light jig head, is standard fare when fished on deep weedlines for largemouth bass on many waters all season long. If smallies are the query, drop-shots, swim jigs, and tubes will all catch those fish.

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