Never Lose Another Largemouth Bass

THE PROBLEM: Retying One On 

“I’ve heard so many guys say, ‘I’m using braid. I don’t have to check it or retie,’” Wolak says. “But I don’t care what line you’re using. You can’t make 500 casts without ever retying your lure. It doesn’t take much to weaken your line just a little, yet many anglers don’t want to be bothered retying, especially if the action is good. Then when a big fish hits, that one little nick hurts.”


THE FIX: Run the 2-Foot Slide
“Every single time I retrieve a lure, I’ll quickly slide my fingers down the first 2 feet of line before I recast. Do this until it becomes second ­nature. You won’t even think about it; you just sort of work the motion right into your cast. If I feel anything I don’t like, no matter how slight, I retie right away. I’m such a freak about retying that there are always surgical scissors in my back pocket.”

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