New Fishing Techniques: Is There a Right or Wrong Time to Experiment?

Before I really get into this article, I want to make it clear that I’m a pretty stubborn guy. I’ll admit that and so will my wife. I have, however, really tried to open my mind a lot more lately when it comes to bass fishing. I have always been the world’s worst in regards to totally missing a bite because I’m too busy chasing yesterday’s bite. It has cost me a lot of money in fishing tournaments throughout my life.

I’ve written about my stubbornness before, but I’ve been thinking a lot this year about whether or not it can be good for my fishing at times. Now, I certainly believe that experimentation with new bass fishing techniques is essential for your growth as an angler, but is there a best and a worst time to experiment? Honestly, I think there is. For me, at least. I could totally be wrong and if you think I am, hop in the Facebook comments and let me know. Your opinions matter just as much as mine. But here’s what I’ve been thinking about a bunch lately.

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