New lures, old reliables all great for catching bass

It was coming up on the opening of bass season, and I happened to be at Bass Pro Shops. I have caught bass on about every kind of lure imaginable, but I wondered if there was anything new or hot out there. In recent years, I’ve used mostly bait or bass bugs, so I had never heard of a ChatterBait. Gennaro Anibarro, a competitive bass angler who works at the store, showed me one.


Indeed. A slice of flat metal ahead of a jig head, to which you can add whatever you want. In this case, a Speed Shad was on the hook. I asked if it made much noise. More like a lot of vibration, Anibarro said. That’s good. Bass like vibration. It draws their attention. Anibarro said it is a good lure right now, fished in and above grass, and will work well most of the season.

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