New proposals concern catfish, crappie and bass

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission proposals for the 2020-2021 season related to our inland waters affect crappie, catfish and bass. One proposal adds blue catfish to the list for which no permit shall be issued to allow the fish to be stocked into inland fishing waters. Blue cats have been identified as an invasive species in the Commission’s Management Catfish Plan, and the proposed change will prevent additional introductions into inland fishing waters.

To date, no requests for such permits have been made. The new proposal would eliminate the need to respond to any permit requests. Another proposal related to catfish would designate black bullheads, brown bullheads, bullheads, flat bullheads, snail bullheads white catfish, and yellow bullheads as Inland Game Fish when found in inland fishing waters. The proposal is recommended in the Management Catfish Plan and will provide additional protection for these native catfish by allowing possession and harvest by hook and line only and prohibit their sale.

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