Olson’s lifetime passion fueled by fishing obsession

Fish mounts and framed grip-and-grin fishing photos cover the walls; summer and winter rods are ready to go on racks in the front entry; the closet is full of hoodies, jackets, bibs, pants, shirts and hats from fishing manufacturers; and lures and baits are strewn about on endtables and empty spaces.

There are books with Minnesota Fish stacked in a corner. His Apple TV is loaded with subscriptions to Youtube fishing shows. His is a place to eat, sleep and breath fishing, just as he prefers. He calls his home “the house of a thousand jigs,” and his count is not far off. “I swear I have adult (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder),” he said, jokingly, “I jump from one thing to another. Fishing is the only thing I’ve always done.”

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