On fishing trips, memories can be easier to catch than fish

When a person spends a lot of time on the ice, they are bound to have some experiences that are memorable. I have several I would like to share. It was a cold but quiet morning on an Annandale area lake. I was doing my normal hole hopping routine trying to put together a meal of panfish for supper. I pretty much had the lake to myself except for one person in a portable fish house.

As I roamed in his direction, I heard his phone ring. I was close enough where I couldn’t help but overhear his conversation. It quickly became apparent that a client of his was hoping to meet up with this angler to discuss some important business. The angler told the caller he was tied up in meetings all morning and wouldn’t be free until mid afternoon. The devil in me was tempted to start my gas auger and blow his cover. I didn’t.

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