OUTDOORS: A few hot tips for cold water fishing from Fred

I know it is hard to gather bait during winter months, but this year is an exception. With warm temperatures during mid-day, the minnows gather around any steel structure and can be caught with a net. Using bait that has been caught in the waterway can make fishing great. It matches the prey that the predators are feeding on, and they recognize this in an instant.

Other things that work for me are the types of presentations I use. That is, how the minnow is hooked to look natural. I always used lead head jigs. I put the jig hook in the minnow’s mouth and run it all the way up to the collar. I then index the jig 180 degrees and hook the minnow from the belly up until the hook comes out its back. Depending on how deep the water is, I might use up to ½ ounce of weight.

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