Outdoors Column: New to bass fishing? Here are a few tips

Successful anglers in the Yuma area suggest that we shouldn’t ignore worms, bugs and other natural baits any more than we’d ignore artificial worms and such when it comes to fishing for bass. One suggestion is to use simple baits such as a nice, juicy nightcrawler and techniques with a spinning reel/rod combo with the use of scents and weights to increase our opportunities of catching a fish. You’ll have to try one, then another in a wide variety of what is available to see which bait works best for you in our neck of the woods. Then if one isn’t working when you begin fishing an area, try another, and yet another until you hit one which is doing the trick that day.

bass fishing

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t catch a fish right off — you must know the waters you fish — it’s a good idea to check with the fishing guys at the Yuma regional office of Game and Fish for their input along with maps of our fishing areas. Try colors of greens, browns and watermelon red for starters or try a medium sized hook with minnows for bait. Try for life-like and easy-to-use baits. If what you’ve been working with isn’t working, try nightcrawlers without a floater or sinker to go after largemouth bass.

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