Outdoors: Smith: Summer is prime for bass fishing

The next few months are some of the best times to catch bass. There will always be bass in the shallows but finding an offshore area bass use on a daily basis is like a gold mine. Of course keeping this honey hole a secret is hard to do but finding a key spot can pay long term dividends. The next few weeks will have many bass heading to their summer homes. The spawning and post spawn activities are complete and the bass are moving into their summer patterns.

Not all bass do the same thing at the same time but for the most part the fish will not be roaming the banks all day as in the spring season. Offshore does not necessarily mean super deep water but the large schools of summer bass will likely be in 8 feet and deeper range. The single most important factors is bait. If sufficient bait are present the bass will be nearby. Main lake points are an excellent place to start the search.

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