PAUL SMITH: A little winter reading on southern bass fishing

So Old Man Winter ushers in 2019 with his own special smorgasbord brand of chaos. Yes indeed. I’m sitting at my computer downstairs in our house and I can still hear that gale of 110-km/h northwest wind howling through the tops of my trees. The wind was southeast earlier this morning and last night, so it was milder, making the snow soggy and heavy for clearing and shovelling.

A solid 25-cm of damp stuff fell last night, with high drifts from 90-km/h gusts. The wind subsided around 8 a.m., and it rained a little. That was the time to rush out and take care of the snow.  Because Mr. Winter had more in store, this being a lull in our chaotic first workday of 2019.

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