Reeling in a great year of fishing

Well, here we go again … about ready to wrap up another year (already). Sitting back and reflecting on the past 12 months as a whole, I gotta say 2017 was a very interesting year. And that includes the fishing scene.
With the huge winter of 2017, my fishing season got off to a late start (save for a trip to the Washington coast in January). We had high water everywhere seemingly for months, and I didn’t get back to guiding until late April, when the weather finally stabilized.

Stripers were the first items on the menu, and the fishing was phenomenal. This past season, I had more 50- to 100-striper days than I didn’t. Normally, the in-river spring fishery peters out at the end of April but with the high water, we had amazing fishing into June. In fact, I did a striper trip the morning I left for Alaska on June 21.

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