Sabine River bass surprise

“We are very blessed,” Johnny Watkins said. “There are very few places where you fish bass on a shrimp pattern. “Shrimp will occur in the summer, but we really start seeing them in the fall — September through December. Any kind of north wind 5 to 7 miles per hour will flush them out of the marsh.

“These Sabine River bass know it when it happens. Those fish know it,” he reiterated emphatically. “They prefer shrimp over anything else. “Best conditions are post-frontal: blue skies, high pressure, north wind. It’s all about the bait.” The 40-year-old firefighter captain from Longville, Louisiana had invited me over. “You know Ken Chaumont, the owner of Egret Baits. Come with him. His son Hunter and I were good friends in college. I will let him know when things are right.”

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