Spoon ‘n Rind for Largemouth Bass

Along with the typewriter, the desk phone and the morning newspaper, the true pork rind is dead. Uncle Josh, venerable supplier of the best rinds there ever were for nearly 100 years, has posted an “Officially Sold Out” on their website. (The company continues to offer other fish attractors, however.)

But that does not mean that the ability of the pork strip design to catch mega-bass has ended; in fact, at the right time of year—February through April—and in the right places—lily pad fields and bulrush flats among others, there’s not much short of a live shiner that gives you a better shot at putting a trophy-class Florida largemouth in the boat than hanging one of these big, squirmy trailers on a weedless spoon. And fortunately, there are a few sources of plastic rinds that are turning out trailers very close to being as functional as the original pork. They’re made in a wide variety of colors and shapes.

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