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New cuts coming to striped bass fishing

At a sometimes contentious public hearing in Farmingdale Wednesday night, more than 200 anglers, boat captains and fishing club members weighed in on options for reducing the recreational and commercial harvest of striped bass by up to 18 percent, compared with 2017. The measures, which will take effect with the 2020 season, are detailed in an August report by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, the interstate body that regulates the fishery. Measures under consideration […]

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A Canadian Threat to Alaskan Fishing

Sitka, Alaska — FROM fall through spring, the fleet of commercial fishing boats here in the panhandle of Alaska stalk winter king salmon. In the mornings prisms of ice sparkle beneath the sodium lights of the docks, where I live on a World War II tugboat with my wife and 8-month-old daughter. This winter I’ve been out a few times fishing on the I Gotta, catching pristine wild salmon, torpedoes of muscle. But the work […]

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