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Special Report: Maryland fishing

Without a doubt we are now in a fall weather pattern, and those sunny days will become less and less frequent. Some are taking advantage of these remaining warm days and catching the last of the Chesapeake Bay’s summer bounty of blue crab. The persistent north winds will continue to mix Bay waters from Wednesday through Friday. Surface water temperatures continue to drop and fish have lots of cooler, more oxygenated waters to roam. Rivers […]

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Outdoors: Spring fishing busting loose

Slowly, ever so slowly, water temperatures have been creeping up towards numbers fish like. The sea trout bite just keeps getting better and better as fish venture from their winter haunts up rivers, creeks and springs to spread out on inshore flats. These fish are hungry. They’ve spent the winter scrounging for anything edible. Many are underweight for their length. Baitfish are just now moving into the area and trout are taking advantage of it. […]

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