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4Reel Fishing: Hot weather Bass fishing tips

During the summer months when our local lakes water temperature rises up in the upper 70’s to lower 80’s degrees bass’ metabolism is really amped up. But, when the water temperature gets outside their optimal range they and be fickle to catch. Here are a few tips that might help you hook more bass during the Dog Days of Summer. In my opinion, by far the best time to fish during the hot summer months […]

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Outdoors Column: New to bass fishing? Here are a few tips

Successful anglers in the Yuma area suggest that we shouldn’t ignore worms, bugs and other natural baits any more than we’d ignore artificial worms and such when it comes to fishing for bass. One suggestion is to use simple baits such as a nice, juicy nightcrawler and techniques with a spinning reel/rod combo with the use of scents and weights to increase our opportunities of catching a fish. You’ll have to try one, then another […]

My Top 3 Sight Fishing for Bass Tips

Sight fishing doesn’t always means getting a clear look at the fish.  It’s often the dark shadows that are questionable if it’s even a fish or not that turn out to be the bigger bass.   You want to make as little of noise as possible and keep your eyes peeled for anything that moves under that water.  Polarized lenses are a must for this type of fishing as well.  These tips have helped me […]

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