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It’s not the lure, it’s the location that counts

They aren’t always apparent in the moment, but events on the water can make a lasting impression. The challenge for the angler, of course, is to recognize the lessons and learn when and how to apply them repeatedly to generate success. My biggest learnings this year involved lures, locations and presentations. Go figure. Putting the right lure in the right place properly is the key to catching more fish, but the value of that equation […]

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3 Go-To Shad Spawn Lures for Bass Fishing

Bass fishing during the shad and herring spawn can lead to fast and furious fishing, but the question arises, “what baits should I have tied on?” Lake Lanier bass guide Rob Jordan keeps lure selection simple and shares his top 3 moving baits, which consist of a walking topwater bait, spinnerbait, and small paddle tail swimbait. Jordan’s shad spawn program follows this basic strategy: Spinnerbaits. According to Jordan, you always need to try a spinnerbait, […]

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3 Bass Lures You Should Never Go Fishing Without

Although bass may group up offshore, or chase pelagic baitfish, for the hard core largemouth hunter in search of hand-to-hand combat, the most enjoyable times are when they’re pinned around shallow cover ambush points, waiting to feed. This can be just about any time of the year, from the pre-spawn through the fall, and under all types of conditions, so a one-size-fits-all approach to choosing your lure makes no sense. Of course a topwater bite […]

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City weighs renegotiating $25 million in Bass Pro bonds

The Harlingen Economic Development Corp. is exploring the refinancing of its Bass Pro Shops bonds and could gain an extra $400,000 annually with a better deal. The HEDC board heard a presentation this week from Anne Burger Entrekin, regional managing director at Hilltop Securities, on possible savings by refinancing what originally was a pair of sales tax revenue bonds totaling $31 million issued in 2010 to lure Bass Pro Shops to Harlingen. A decade on, […]

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Weed fishing can be fun with proper lures

As readers well know I personally enjoy fishing for literally any species of fish, and when possible, taylor tackle in size, power and weight to conditions and the potential size and strength of whatever may be hooked. It maximizes fun and thrills of hooking and playing fish, though on occasion I’ve been outgunned when an unexpected brute of much larger than expected proportions or a different species grabs a bait or hook. One thing that […]

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Live bait beats artificial lures any time

Winter is the time when many bass fishermen, including the fishing guides, switch to minnows or other live bait. There is no question that when the water gets cold, fishing with live bait can be more productive than using artificial lures. For example, the local fishing guides switch almost exclusively to jumbo minnows during the winter months for the simple reason that their clients can catch fish. Let’s face it; a client doesn’t want to […]

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