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Joe’s Fishing Hole: Follow the wind for the best fishing

The windy afternoons that have popped up over the past few weeks make casting very difficult. However, use the wind to your advantage. Wind will often push food sources to the leeward side of the water through wave action, providing easy pickings for fish. Knowing this, fish the side of the lake where the fish are foraging. Wind will also blow terrestrial insects into both lakes and streams, providing some furious top water action as […]

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Joe’s Fishing Hole: Fall brings the best fishing

Though it is a little warm, it is glorious fall weather as the daytime highs are in the mid-70s and overnight lows dip into the low 40s in Elko and into the 30s and even an occasional 20 at the higher elevations. As the deer and chukar hunters trade their fishing rods for guns, the lakes will be empty and the best fishing of the year will be underway. With changing of the seasons, the […]

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