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Real Bassin offers better artificial worm for bass fishing

Some tinkerers are willing to spend a lifetime trying to create a better mousetrap. But young entrepreneur Cohen Honkala has his sights on a somewhat more glamorous target, that of creating a better, almost real, worm. Why a worm, and an artificial one at that? Because largemouth bass like worms — artificial worms, of course — so it makes sense that a better worm ought to catch better bass and better bass — meaning bigger […]

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Where to Cast on Docks for Bigger Bass

Professional bass angler James Watson is all about efficiently when it comes to fishing dock bass. Rather than taking more time to fish an entire dock complex, he’s a proponent of focusing fewer casts on high-percentage areas then heading to the next dock to do the same. Watson shares a nugget on what he feels is one of the most overlooked and productive spots for big dock bass. This guidance was derived from abundant experience […]

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Bigger bass pretty much a no-show this year

Clear Lake continues to kick out plenty of bass for the few anglers on the lake. With no bass tournaments scheduled for a couple of weeks the fishing pressure has dropped considerably. A good example was Thursday morning when there was one boat trailer in the parking lot at the Fifth Street ramp in Lakeport. Whereas there are plenty of bass between 1-2 pounds out there, what is surprising is the lack of big fish […]

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