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Outdoors: Coasting along for fish

Except when there’s a hurricane blowing in, there’s not a bad time for a fishing trip to the coast, and now that school has started and football and hunting seasons are ramping up, there’s not as much competition for good saltwater fishing spots. Former Centex broadcaster Tyler Thorsen, who now makes his home in Corpus, says the fishing is good both day and night along his stretch of the coastline. Thorsen says to look for […]

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Cast a line for striped bass and new fish stories

In the back seat of his car parked at Jones Beach, a man slept with his arms wrapped around a big striped bass. A few hours earlier, I had seen him at sunrise sitting on the sand, telling passing anglers that he had caught the bass in the middle of the night. What a prize. It must have been 40 pounds. When he dragged it by the gill to his car, the fish left a […]

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