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3 Steps to Catching Bass on a Ned Rig

Catching bass is the objective for any bass angler and finding new ways to achieve that is fun. The Ned Rig is one of the latest techniques to put bass in the boat but even many seasoned professional anglers are behind the curve. I know this because I am a B.A.S.S. Elite Series angler and know that many of my competitors are not using it. So, here is how you use a Ned Rig properly. […]

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New lures, old reliables all great for catching bass

It was coming up on the opening of bass season, and I happened to be at Bass Pro Shops. I have caught bass on about every kind of lure imaginable, but I wondered if there was anything new or hot out there. In recent years, I’ve used mostly bait or bass bugs, so I had never heard of a ChatterBait. Gennaro Anibarro, a competitive bass angler who works at the store, showed me one. Indeed. […]

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