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Fishing: There’s More To It Than Just Catching Fish

Many people consider fishing to be boring and pointless, especially since you can get any fish you want at the store.  But there’s more to fishing than holding a pole and pulling fish out of water. If you grew up around people who loved to fish and do it yourself quite often, there’s no need for convincing. However, if you’re unsure of why fishing is special, take a look at the details in this article. […]

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How to Follow Bass from Spawn to Post Spawn

In bass fishing, it’s often been said catching fish isn’t the hard part. Finding them is. Are fish post-spawn or prespawn? Do you need to be fishing shallow, in-between, or spending your time offshore? These are questions bass anglers face constantly and the answers to them drastically affect the lures or presentations you should employ. While there is no comprehensive solution to finding bass in a fishery on a given day, you can cut down […]

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It’s about more than catching fish

Fishing is one of those sports where one can head off alone, go with a friend or two, or although not as common, have the whole gang around. Typically, having a good spot on the lake or river to one’s self is coveted. Even if you gladly invite some friends along and are all congenial in the truck on the way there, once you arrive, there can be a friendly competition for the best water. […]

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What makes fishing great besides catching fish

When I was younger, I would often brag about being on my favorite stream on opening day of trout season in spite of what Mother Nature may have planned for the day, and how it would sometimes would be so cold that the line would freeze to the rod and I’d have to break the ice out of the rod tip so that I could cast a lure. Eventually, I wised up. Now I find […]

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