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Fishing Column: Catfish are Jumping! Here’s how to catch one.

It’s no secret Idaho is a great place to fish. Blue-ribbon trout streams and quality bass fisheries are plentiful. We have Chinook salmon, steelhead and jumbo perch. We’re even home to the world-record tiger muskie! But in the Snake River, another quarry swims beneath the radar. A big, whiskered predator with enough muscle to test any tackle. Meet Idaho’s most underrated fish species — the channel catfish. A friend who works for Fish & Game […]

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New proposals concern catfish, crappie and bass

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission proposals for the 2020-2021 season related to our inland waters affect crappie, catfish and bass. One proposal adds blue catfish to the list for which no permit shall be issued to allow the fish to be stocked into inland fishing waters. Blue cats have been identified as an invasive species in the Commission’s Management Catfish Plan, and the proposed change will prevent additional introductions into inland fishing waters. To date, […]

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