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Comparing Bass Baits to Live Crayfish Underwater

Crayfish are a primary forage for bass throughout their range so it pays to understand what different crayfish-imitating lures do and look like underwater. This video compares a wide range of popular bass fishing crayfish presentations next to live crayfish underwater. The purpose is to help anglers gain a better sense of how different baits perform and imitate crayfish, and when each may be appropriate for various fishing situations. *See FEATURED PRODUCT links at the […]

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Crayfishin’ for bass with success

Crayfish, aka crawdads, are a staple of bass diets in fresh waters in most of the mid-Atlantic area. Other fish eat them, too, as discussed below, and some streams owe their trophy brown trout to a crayfish-enhanced diet. Typically fishermen in our area think of fishing with crayfish and their imitations, called “crayfishin,” as an approach for reservoirs or smallmouth bass rivers like the Potomac and Susquehanna. But these techniques are also suitable for most […]

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