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Distant-Water Fishing Must Become More Transparent

Commercial fishing employs more than 40 million people in a global market estimated to have reached $156 billion in 2017. Despite its size and importance, the fishing industry remains shrouded in mystery, lacking crucial information about where and how much fish is being caught, vessel ownership, labour practices and how seafood moves along the supply chain. The operation of distant-water fleets is particularly opaque, and its clandestine nature has led to illegal, unreported, and unregulated […]

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Derelict fishing lines foul Texas freshwater fisheries

The river’s water level finally had fallen after weeks of being above flood stage, and the current in the old slough carried green water instead of the sediment-saturated, chocolate-color sludge that had inundated the bottomland. Fishing likely would be good. The scenery certainly was, with cypresses and tupelo, ash and willows in full blush, and patches of lizardtail with their sassafras-like scent bursting from the newly enriched black soil — all accented with songs and […]

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Ghana Addresses Fair Tenure Rights for Fishing

A meeting in Ghana on April 5 marked a turning point towards implementing global guidelines on tenure rights to save the country’s declining fishing industry. Rights of access to land, fish stocks and forests are not always guaranteed. While local communities around the world often have systems to decide how access is granted, these systems are often informal. As times change and conflicts arise, there is the potential that those with the least power will […]

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