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Kentucky set for new fishing regulations in 2019

An old blues song “High Water Everywhere” lamented the damage caused by the great 1927 Mississippi River flood. Kentuckians so far this winter can empathize with those sentiments. Many rivers still run high, Lake Cumberland is at summer pool in January and other reservoirs are well above winter pool. The weather forecast calls for more rain, followed by wicked cold. To read the entire article, please click

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New fishing regulations for 2016

It is no longer getting dark at dinner time. We are beginning to have days cresting the 50 degree mark. It is enough to make you want to go fishing. Before you cast a line, however, you need to know about the new fishing regulations that went into effect March 1. The round goby is an aggressive, non-native fish released accidentally into the St. Clair River from ballast water transfers among cargo ships in the […]

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